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Power Spine, a new concept for spine treatment is coming to Mexico.

Power Spine was developted and perfected in Germany with the vision of Dr. Florian Alfen, spine surgeon and pioneer in endoscopic spine surgery.

After more than 550.000 training sessions and 20.000 users, we know that a weak autochthonous back musculature is the cause of back pain in most cases.

Wide-ranging scientific studies confirm and underline the peculiarities of the POWERSPINE Concept in terms of effectiveness and sustainability.

In many cases the deep muscle training is enoufh to treat most of the common causes of chronic low back pain, spondyloarthrosis, disc protrutions, sciatica and neck pain with shooting arm pain, amongst others.

Those cases who require an intervention to complement the muscle training, there are analgesic interventions or fully endoscopic surgery which is as minimally invasive as posible to preserve most if not all these muscle fibers. By doing so, we can train and restrengthen the musculature to obtain the best result possible by combining both state-of-the-art options.

Currently most centers are located in Germany.

And slowly the concept has extended abroad to the rest of the world. Now in USA, Czech Republic, Slovaquia, Saudi Arabia and Austria. Coming soon to Mexico (Guadalajara) and in Lugano, Switzerland.

Soon, in Guadalajara we will start to work with the Power Spine Concept along with a multidiscipline team to offer a diffrent and integral approach to spine.

TInterested in this new concept for spine treatment and training?

Visit the websites for Germany and in Mexico for more information.

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